OptoChip Optoelectronics

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   Optochip Optoelectronics Ltd was established in 2017, with a R&D research center in Europe, with the aim of enhancing the R&D capability and promoting the industrial fabrication of advanced semiconductor lasers for both telecom and optical sensing markets. The company comprises a unique team of internationally renowned scholars and talents, who have more than 30 years academic and industrial experience in the design and fabrication of cutting-edge narrow band and wide band DBR tunable lasers, and other high end semiconductor lasers.

   OptoChip has now established itself as one of the three tunable laser suppliers globally, with inhouse R&D capabilities and commercially available products.  In the application field of telecommunications, OptoChip has successfully developed narrow band DBR tunable lasers with an integrated EA modulator, for 5G and F5G applications, with modulation speeds available at 10Gbps (as mass produced products) and 25Gbps (as small volume trial products), which have met the G.698.4 ITU specifications. In the application field of optical sensing, high power narrow band and wide band DBR tunable lasers and other high end semiconductor lasers have been widely used in various industrial applications.

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